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The Changist has a number of specialist associates in our team, to ensure we deliver the very best possible service to you!

Dr Val Daveridge D Psych MSc MBACP (Snr. Accred) EMDR Accredited Practitioner.

Professional History/Experience

Val was employed as full-time counsellor, therapist and supervisor/manager from 1996 and had been counselling and supervising on a part-time basis for fifteen years prior to that. Since 1997 she has been self-employed as a full-time Counsellor/Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Her therapeutic model is Integrative with the predominant influences being CBT, Psycho-dynamic and Client-Centred, however, a use a variety of other approaches as/when appropriate; these include EMDR, Coaching and Mediation.

Having worked within several organisations for 25 years (including the Emergency Services), Val is comfortable with, and enjoys working with clients and their mangers in establishing good rehabilitation programmes.

Over the past 12 years she has gained considerable experience in the field of trauma through working with police, fire and rescue and prison officers and has implemented support and psychological support (preventative) programmes in a number of organisations,

As an Accredited Supervisor she provides clinical/professional supervision to managers in various organisations including Social Work and  Counselling and, Counsellors and Trainee Counsellors.


John HeskethJohn Hesketh BA Hons

Professional History/Experience

John is a Graduate of the City of London Business School , he has set up and managed his own business since 1985. John is currently an Equalities professional who has worked within and supported the voluntary sector in a variety of roles. His experience ranges from drug & alcohol treatment to community safety, most recently as the Equalities lead for a major local authority in the South West.

In his latest role John has acted as Equalities co-ordinator, bridging the gap between local government and communities. setting up an area wide forum to be used by strategic partners. He understands the need to listen to all sides and develop a staged approach to change.

John is an experienced consultant and project manager, able to advise and support both small business and large corporations in achieving new projects and increased productivity, an excellent communicator and facilitator, his experience and business knoweledge makes him a valuable member of the team.